3am TV wake

So hubs had to be up early to pick up and went to bed at 9. I stayed up reading. I was worried about light keeping him up from my cell phone so I did a turn around and laid at other end. Guess he never noticed Lol. I do sleep in a curled up ball most of the time so,,,,, hubs gets up. Normal is to Get dressed and puts tv (smart tv size 22 ) down onto bed so does not fall while driving. BAM what a wake up call I had !! Lol. He did not even notice I was there. Lol. Mind you he does this all by cell phone lite due to thinks I don’t wake up. I do but I know he is on a mission in morning and is deep in thought of drive for day and such. Always laughter in this truck. All he had to do was ask for his coffee I said and not drop a TV on my head.


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