Yesterday we ran from on part Virginia to the other side. We had to call it a nite at a exon gas station. They made pizza !!! Got pizza. Shower by water bottle and watched a movie all off the side of the main road. 😊. Always a adventure with trucking. Woke up at 3:30 and it’s 34 out. They are calling for snow Saturday. Not much but still. Cold !!! Made hubs coffee and tried to lay back down. I worry I will miss the deer on road side so have to get up. Lol. Not many cars on road at all Lots of twist and turns in dark is scary but hubs is a pro. When we dropped off trailer into spot there was a huge ditch and no light to help. Crazy. Yesterday hubs had to go down hill and around fence just to get unloaded. Nope not a job for me. I tell hubs I would leave keys and walk away crying. Lol. Truck is too big and I am amazed spots he gets into. Lots of dry wall piles We are heading to Gleenallen Virginia


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