Run run run

Was a crazy busy day. Started at 3;30 am and ended at 6pm with a nice hot shower at TA In Greenbrier North Carolina. We will do our 34 here and then run to South Pit Tennessee to drop off and also pick up for a Monday night Home Depot in Tampa fla. today we started at one and ran back and forth to do a second pick up at same spot. We did mostly back country roads all day. Love the old farms. I don’t understand why the old half falling homes are not knocked down. Even just due to safety. Ended our day with 5 min on clock All cozy in PJ and ready to chill for next day. Both of us are dealing with sinus headache and such. People watch and laundry are on list for weekend. Weather is in 40s but no wind so feel nice and not cold. It’s when the wind blows it’s COLD!! There is a tattoo place inside this TA. Lol. Yup. Crazy. We watched a man down 2 hot dogs and then not pay. Have had a man come to truck asking for money for house hold TP. Lol. Ok that was a first. Watched as he went truck to truck in his newer car and all nice fancy cloths. Never dull at rest stops.



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