Daily devotional

Jesus saved Peter and when they got into the boat, Jesus asked Peter one question: ‘Why did you doubt?’ Apparently Peter’s point of failure was doubt. Whether he doubted himself, his ability to do it, or if he had heard the Lord had actually call him at all, is not clear. What is clear is that Peter was walking on top of the water, but when he began to doubt, he sank.

Sometimes the Lord calls us to do something and we step out in faith, but then resistance comes. If you do anything meaningful, resistance will come. It becomes scary, and the wind really starts to blow against us. At this point we can keep our eyes on Jesus and stay the course, or begin to doubt and sink like a rock.

Today, forget the wind. Focus on Jesus and keep taking those steps that He called you to do. Do not be distracted by the noise and things that go on around you. Get up, keep going, take the next step. Fear and doubt are your enemies. Push them out of your mind and refresh yourself with scripture. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).


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