Daily devotional

*You do not need anyone’s approval or acceptance on this earth. God is able to raise you up outside of their circle. Seek a relationship with Him and the doors that you need will open. He is the Key Master, and He will open doors for you that no man can shut.

* No one can stop your destiny, except you. As long as you will continue to follow God and keep putting one foot in front of the other, you will overcome.

* Never give up. This life is not over until you are dead and in the grave. When you fall, get back up and take another step. When you stop getting up, then your journey stalls.

* It is always you that walks away from Him, and never once will it be Him walking away from you. God will never leave you, nor forsake you, nor imprison you against your will. You are free to leave His house just as the prodigal son left His father’s house, if it is your will to do so.

* God is never mad at you. You can perform the most grievous of sins and break all ten commandments, but when you turn back to Him, He will welcome you back with wide open arms.

* God is always right in what He says and does. There were so many times when I wanted something to happen a certain way, and it did not. Most of the time, the way that it did happen was better. When it did not happen, it was for my own good and it may have led me away from Him.

* God never says: ‘I told you so.’ He will wash you as white as snow, just as if it never happened and never bring your past up again. He will remove your sins. It is satan that constantly brings up your past, not God.

* It is never too late to get started, but the sooner the better. Just like a wise investment plan, the earlier that you begin, the more fruit that it can bear. Invest your time, money, talents and resources in the kingdom of God and it will have a long term return that can hardly be measured.

This is our time. We were brought into this world for such a time as this. Let us make our lives count for Jesus. No fear, no turning back, no breaking down. We will hold it together and press forward, following Him one day at a time. Though life breaks loose around us, we will stay the course and see this through to the end.


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