Daily devotional

Life can be difficult and relationships strained, and we just want Jesus to come back. New wounds are inflicted and old pains resurface. We get tired of the way people choose cruelty over kindness and grudges over grace. Forgiveness feels foreign, and we’re ready for the suffering to end.

We long for Him to swoop in and save the day because we’re tired of the waiting.

Could it be that, in our waiting, we spend too much time staring at the skies, longing for our rescue when we should be busying ourselves making sure others are just as ready for His return? Could it be that His delay is actually an act of mercy? The fact is that God is restraining Himself because He doesn’t want anyone to perish (2 Peter 3:9).

Each day that the Lord waits is another twenty-four-hour period when someone else continues to have a chance to choose Him. Won’t we be glad we waited?


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