I like be the homes here. The 2 story with front porch love the nature. Love the water. This is a small town and so cute. Houses are not too high also. Always check on Zillow when I cute towns. Lol. Only negative is there is a lot of road construction going on. The small shops. The small homes. The cozy feel. I have a love for old homes. I would love to one day open a bed and breakfast. I would love to photograph some of theses abandoned homes. I know I know. Lol. I don’t go inside unless the door is open and I mean open as if I don’t even have to touch to get inside. I would never touch anything in homes. I love to stand inside and just listen to home. If the walls could talk ,,,, I have been in many homes and never meet anyone inside. Yup true. Something about old homes just comforts me. I would love to hear about who lived there and what life was like growing up there. Looks like a nite of sleeping in parking lot where we are picking up this paper roll. Possibly get a ride to town. Shower at gym and then explore town.


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