Saturday adventures

We ended up doing our 34 reset in New Columbia PA. It was amazing !! We rented a car and went out exploring. I love the old buildings. Went down town. Went up town. Went all over. Lol. Weather was 83 with great breezes. Went into a pub and saw a lot of older woman dressed up as if prom. Had no idea what was going on but when we walked out there was a horse and buggy. A sign on Wall was promoting Mom Prom !! A prom for moms. How cool was that.

Big collage town all around here and this weekend was senior weekend. Saw parties in street and kids and parents dancing the day away 😊.

I love the old homes. Most homes are 2-3 story high and still live able. A lot of old churches. Saw only a few Amish buggies. Came out of restaurant last nite to a huge drop of temp at 53 and woke this am to 45 and rain. Dropped off car and off to Tennessee with a great cup of dunking donuts coffee!!!



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