Funny how people can talk behind your back due to going on road and not working. So many people worried I won’t have a retirement. Let’s see ,,, I’ve worked for over 30 years. Include 8 years military. I own home. I have paid for extra insurance policy for retirement and bottom line ,,,, I don’t know what tomorrow brings. I did the what if I don’t work ,,, what if I just let hubs be a weekend husband But in the end. I know what I would get now if I went on disability and is more then if I worked. I do not ever expect my children or family to take me in or support me. I got this covered for all that are so worried. I was a widow at 29 with 3 kids. I learned real quick how to prepare a future for me and my children. I am not worried about money. Memories are more important. Life is too short. As hubs says ” we get paid to travel. We have no bills. It’s sad how many people wait till,,,,,,, …….. ……. To enjoy life.



  1. I have had people who look down on me. We can make ends meet with one income. A couple luxuries like Satellite television and magazine subscriptions we gave up. Satellite was 120 a month for maybe 6-8 days of use a month. Magazines never got read just dust collectors. We own our house outright. How many people can say that when they turn 30. The only debt we have is the loan for the semi which is what is used to make our income. I told them imagine not seeing your husband for a week or two at a time. And working almost every Saturday of his time home because you have a boss that is lazy and won’t do it and told corporate I volunteered. It was not working as well for us. Even when we have a kid I will probably never hold an actual job outside of our home.

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