Stilling and sitting

Load was to unloaded here at Home Depot at 5am. Started then and guess what 3 hr later we are still here doing on pallet at a time. Normal is in and out in 30 min. They do so early so you don’t get in the way of normal working guys or contractors. Nope not today. We are smack in center of all of them. Will be introducing to get out of here and around theses cars and trucks. The man on pitchfork who unloads is just stops and goes off to different task then will wonder back to remove a pallet then gone. This is crazy !!! 9 am here and have one sitting still on truck. I am about to remove one by one and get it done so we can get on down the road. Ahhhhhh. But in a positive note I walked to the flower dept. If I ever get off truck I am going to work in plants. So calm. So pretty. 😊



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