Laundry day

Weekends mean laundry day for most people. In a truck it’s the same but with the adventures of finding a laundry mat. Drag the cloths back and forth with you We have a company truck we get to use this weekend due to spot we are delivering on Monday and just stayed in company yard. Great spot just out side of Atlanta Georgia. Plans are to possibly hit a movie 🍿 and a nature park. You have to squeeze in as much as possible in few short hours. I do try to always escape truck and go for walking advertisement when loading or unloading truck. Love the different sceneries. Hills and trails all over. The sounds of the birds. Last night we even can hear the water behind us in the wood line. Love it !!! It’s so free feeling to just sit and watch nature around me. Too look at the trees and plants. Lots of birds flying. Seem to be so many more lady bugs then in fla for sure.


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