Back to the grind 😊

Happy Monday. We had a nice 34 hr down time. Ate at 2 Mexican restaurants yum!! Chips and salsa are the best !! Rather have this then food. Lol. Did get to see movie “quiet room “. Was good movie Was good movie. Popcorn was the bomb!! This theater had recliner chairs leather love seats. Same price as normal movie ticket. Was odd to be in small company truck driving in down town Atlanta. Back at yard went walking in the woods around and found a large amount of baby birds. Blue jays kept dive bombing me so must of been a nest close to me. Lots of baby robins and finches. My Nikon lens goes to 300mm Looked at some larger ones but it is a problem with weight of lens and my hands carrying it and not dropping. More I use hand they start to drop things and weight is a factor. Came back to truck and turned tv on. We picked up a small attach to window antenna and and picked up 85 channels. A lot of music So funny to see normal tv and have commercials Normal is to put on amazon prime and watch shows with out. Do not miss all the adds for sure. Off to Alabam for drop and most likely back to Tennessee for pick up. Looks like great weather ! Yea. Hubs picked up donuts for the shop crew due to its 45 min away . We try and bring a thank you gift each week for all there hard work and how quick they get us in and out. Have a great Monday !!



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