Rock slabs

Sitting inside of the truck for this unload and looking around at all in area. There are boxes of rocks. Square large and small sizes. Who sat and cut each one ? Who files them all smooth and same size? I know it was a machine that probably did it but what did they do before electric? Hammer and saws? Lots more work go into building then I ever realized. We use rocks for all kinds of decorating walls ,walk ways or even pond. And then people even shine it. I love the look of the natural rock in the waterfalls. The hills are so high and water flows so smooth and at different speeds. In Tennessee there is right in the main interstate a water fall flowing right next to the interstate and if you look up you can see some one placed a metal bucket in center of flow. Wonder if this was to slow down or direct the water. The water hits just before road and goes down hill due to road curving at that same spot so prevents over flow in to road.


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