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Happy Monday !! We got to spend our 34 in town with family. Well let’s just say we tried. Lol. It’s hard to have realistic time with kids when they have lives and family of there own. Daughter has 3 lil ones and busy life. Son has work and friends. Add a few weekends essays in the mix. When I was talking to someone about being hurt that kids were too busy to get together at pool side she said “”be thankful your kids are busy. They could be wasting life ,,,be thankful you raised them to be independent and self sufficient ,, be thankful for knowing you did it right and they can do things there self and not codependent on you as adults but most of all be thankful you were able to have kids and raise them She had no children. I share my daily adventures with her on family and it’s nice to hear her prospective on parenting. This lady was a model and photography in her time. Now she is hooked up to oxygen 24/7 and alone. She has so much knowledge to share. So much history. It’s a breath of fresh air to talk with her. But she is right. I should be proud of it all. Sure there are bumps in the road of parenthood but I would never change a thing. I was by far not perfect. Would change choices I made. But at the end of each day I love being a mom and grandma


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