Why not make a few big churches instead of each church with a separate building ?? Take turns and days preaching and then use the money that would of paid to run buildings to do out reaches for people ?? Crazy world we live. So many small churches in towns we drive though New and old. Open and closed. Why not team up with other churches ?????!



  1. We have 3 churches in my town. The one is pushing an agenda that most don’t like. They want the children of the church pulled out of public school to go the nearest Christian school that cost 7000 a year. They have their following the older folk stay but families leave. The other two churches take turns. Second Sunday is at the one by my house the Fourth Sunday is at my church. Fifth Sundays alternate. First and third are at home churches. All mission fundraisers are worked by both churches and the money is split. One church does Good Friday service the other Christmas Eve.

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