We had a adventure at the TA (travel America) stop last nite. There was a utter boy about 9 who was running around parking lot. I head a lady had aske where his parents were and he said he was with grandpa. Well lady asked man and he said he was his son. Lady was confused about relationship and called the police. There is a thing call trafficking and people are taken so this lady was worried this was going on. Police were here for about a hour and end the end all was fine and police left and family eat back into semi There is a family built among truckers. They watch each other’s backs and are quick to help each other out some of the trucker look mean and scary. But when talking to them (I can talk to anyone 😊) they are sweet and so kind. In the semi you have a CB that they each talk to one another from distance. You can get some great laughter going Dow road or even just sitting n parking lot for nite. They will back each other ya into parking lots from CB even.


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  1. Glad someone called it in. It’s better to have it checked out than not. One night sitting in a rest area a trucker hit a pole. Wrangler got out and after talking to the driver and smelling him he got suspicious about pot. When the driver backing up hit a boulder five minutes later Wrangler called it in. The police came and talked a long time to the driver. We were afraid he was impaired and would kill someone out on the road

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