Looks like staying in fla. for next drop and pick up. Plans for rain as normal for this time of year. We we thankful to unload with no rain at all last nite. We deliver dry wall so rain is for sure a major problem with unloading. Plywood and drywall are our main loads. Whoops went 2 miles down road and looks like rain already. Good old fla weather Rain on one side of road and sun on other. Grrrrrr. We are over the road and not Fla drivers any more !!! Fla makes me sad. Guess due to kids are near and I am far. But have to remind self that kids have there own lives now. Family. College and friends Mountains and hills are our wants. Lol. I need things to see and photo. Happy Thursday. Hubs got us Dunking Donuts this am !!! Ahhhh. Coconut coffee 😊


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