Daily devotional

There are few things better than when your life comes together.

Your relationships are good, your job is going well, you’re faithfully reading your Bible and the sin you’ve struggled with seems distant.

There are seasons where our lives feel good, we are grounded in our faith and bumps in our “spiritual road” don’t bother us much.

Eventually, however, we will find ourselves discouraged. This happens for many reasons and it’s often because we begin to pull away from God, believing that we need Him less.

The small bumps in the road seem to suddenly turn into massive potholes.

We overestimate our own strength; acting as though we are our own Superman, and as though we can tackle anything alone. We essentially abandon God for what we think is the best for us. Apart from God, we falter.

However, this doesn’t have to happen!

Creating consistency in our faith by intentionally remaining in fellowship with God and His people can steady us.

As we hit our stride and things begin to click, remember to thank the One who has brought you to this place of consistency.

If there is a steady stream of thanks and praise coming from our mouths and minds, we will seldom forget the One who is our Cornerstone (1 Peter 2:6).


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