I can not put into words what just happen here in the TA in SC. Started with a lady obviously on drugs dancing around parking lot. Did not move from trucks. Fell a few times and just all over the walk in center of trucking lanes.

Watched her for a while and decided it was total unsafe for her to be in parking lot so went to inform the supervisor of lot. ( Lady did not move or even flinch with trucks going past her by inches ). When we walked back to area lady was in a truck with man. The men went up to truck and had her come out. Lady could not even carry on a conversation with us. Man went on to explain she was a consenting adult and could do what she wanted and he was going to “help” her and take her to Fla with him due to this is where she needed to go. I explained how she was of no mind set to say where or who she was going with !!! Cops came and due to no “crime” they left. I am speechless and feel hopeless for this lady. If she was not on drugs or what ever then do what you want but this was not the case at all !!! Man gave so many stories about how he was going to “help” her and was a honest man. Bla bla bla !!! First she is on something. Second it was a company truck. “He told us it was ok with his company to pick up strangers “ Third was a risk she would jump out or even harm self. The ego of this man was huge and then he asked if we could all be Facebook friends 😂.https://truckingwife2018.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/img_5075.mov


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