Driving all over today

We started Indiana and are in Tennessee !!! My husband is one to go go go and there is no stopping till the clock is empty of drive time. If he stops for gas I grab the water bottles and run to refill and go to restroom. Lol. The day goes fast and does not seem like 500 miles We chat. We listen to books. We site see from window. He chats on phone a lot during the day with the guys he has trained. They all share traffic support. Lol. Today was a lot of back road and tons of photos !! We found Santa clause home town !! Lots of barn photos and lots of videos of driving back roads. Windows down. Air blowing and one crazy fly who wants to be hubs BFf for awhile. And NO hubs still will not stop at Russell Stovers Outlet store !!!! Told me he would “drop me off and wait “. Ya right !!!! Long way to walk from interstate to store !!! And then make sure he does not keep going after I am out 😂. Not worth the risk !!! I will just have to settle for gas refill candy spots. Safer for sure !! lots of photos on Facebook page. Enjoy !!


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