Daily devotional

Sometimes you can do everything right, but everything will go wrong. Those who once loved you, now seem to hate you. When you pray, you may hear only silence. Be assured that the Lord is still there, and nothing is hidden from His sight.

Yes, it may look dark and hopeless, but that is not the end of your story. It is only a valley and there will be another mountain top. Real faith is tested when you continue to live right and seek God, while all hell is breaking loose around you. That is how the apostles did it.

Remember what the Lord has done for you. Do not get beaten down in the trials of life. God has brought you this far, and He is going to bring you the rest of the way. Stay the course and you will overcome. Take courage and know that the Lord is going to fix this somehow. Say it out loud: “I do not know how, but somehow God is going to bring me through this.’15ABC5C2-9B22-4664-B8CD-CE9217E3FFC6.jpeg


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