Daily devotional

Your life is a race…not a sprint but more like a marathon. You will have days when your race in life is going well, but like in every race…you will have hard spots. Don’t let past mistakes, regrets or unforgiveness hold you down any longer. Throw the pain, the hurt …the weight off. Give it to Jesus and then RUN. Run free in this amazing race we call life! Focus on Jesus. Don’t get sidetracked by those who are on the sidelines. Some may be cheering for you. Others may be yelling at you

telling you to stop, that the race just isn’t worth it, but don’t stop. Keep

focused on Christ. Don’t be surprised by those who bring opposition in your life. And don’t feel like you are alone! You are not! Remember you have a great cloud of witnesses cheering for you every step of the way! Do not grow weary. Do not lose heart. Jesus understands what you are going through, cry out to Him. Fix your eyes on Him. He is there for you.


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