Had a great week vacation in Florida with 3 of my five grand babies ❤️ Can’t believe how fast they grow. Hammock and mud pies were on the list. Add in one too many Miskito bite and grandma was in trouble 😂 Then I spent a week in Ga with 2 grand babies. What a adventure we had. Car broke down a second time in the middle of mountain. We got driven back to hotel in police car. We stayed in Helen Ga for 4 days . If you ever go we stayed At a amazing hotel . The couple who ran the hotel and there children made us feel welcome for the 4th. Kids all shared fireworks with grandbabies. The girls should have grown fins due to how much pool time they had 😊 With all the stress of car it was nice to see that the girls had fun with new friends.

Drove to South Pittsburgh to join my Hubby❤️ We will be heading to Wilmington NC Hubs is in a lender truck. But is nice due to has shelf’s on both walls and no bunk bed inside. Kinds like it more then “Georgie ” This is a 2016 and stick and ours in 2018 auto. No more break downs allowed. We need lots of miles to make up for all extras expenses of vacation



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