Lots of back and forth driving this week. South pit Tennessee to Chattahoochee Tennessee and now off to NC for morning drop. Traffic in Knoxville was number to bumper tonight. We make it to love for subway and showers. Place filled up quick tonight. Still dealing with head cold from vacation so that not helping me Grandbabies just getting over there’s Miss them like crazy. Oldest son is having a blast on road trip to Pennsylvania He loves the mountains and wants to move. Lol Told him this is exactly why we don’t wanna live in plane flat fla We love the mountains and the view driving 3 grandbabies live in Fla and 2 in NC but over by the coast Have to give granddaughters points for all the mountains they did walk while on vacation. No complaints as long as had walking sticks. Lol I took photo of one poking other and she thought it was a bug over and over touching her back 😂😂 Love being a grandma ❤️


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